What is it with these lovely Moleskine notebooks?

I just love my little Moleskine notebooks and take them everywhere I go. I like to write things in it that pop into my head, I journal in them, draw, paint, glue. Just whatever feels good at that moment.
A random fairy tale here, a serious note to myself there. Writing stimulates creativity. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I’ll come up with a silly sentence and write it in my Moleskine. If I let myself relax, I can often elaborate on that sentence for a few paragraphs. It clears my mind and often I can go back to sleep after writing for a few minutes. My Moleskines sooth me. In my digital world, the Moleskine calms me; evokes the intimacy of handwritten ‘Thank You’ notes and of good manners. It’s a friend saying “let’s sit, let’s dream.” My latest dream? A Moleskine with USB.