Result from monday's visit to the cancer specialist: tumor markers in blood normal; ultrasound results normal. Kicking testicular cancer.

Had an appointment with the cancer specialist last monday. All's well. The results from the blood test were fine, except that my LDH levels are a bit fluctuating, but not so much as to cause concern. The results from last week's ultrasound were formidable as well. My liver had so little fat on it that it was quite unusual as one doesn't see that little fat buildup at such an age. My gallbladder was fine and restful, with no stones whatsoever. My bladder was fine, as well as was my prostate (good to know).

Next blood test in 3 months time and the next scanned checkup (don't know which; CT or Ultrasound) in 6 months. So, slowly, I am kicking cancer in the ball(s).

My weight, however, was 104,5 kg (with clothes and shoes, although not so much), and I got to hear again that I have to do something about it. Endurance sport is more to my liking than a diet. Diets have never worked much for me, but I am excited -again- about endurance running and cycling...ultramarathon has a nice sound to it.