I’ve taken some time out of my busy schedule today and spent it on watching the movie ‘Jobs’. Having read some of the earlier reviews, I was skeptical. However, I am glad that I watched it myself and did not let my opinion be influenced by the aforementioned earlier reviews. It is not Oscar material, but it is by far the best movie I have seen this year. Not only because I am kind of a computer orientated nerd, a aficionado of 60ies and 70ies music (Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and the likes), and an admirer of the late Steve Jobs, but because it simply is a very darn good movie. Sure, maybe not 100% accurate and perhaps not completely in line with what I do know about Steve Jobs, learned from documentaries, interviews, and Isaacson’s book, but it is meant for a larger public than just nerds like me. Although I am not a fan of Ashton Kutcher’s, and I had to get used to his voice (and face), but I did see Steve Jobs there, and I did see him very well portrayed.