In the old days we users set up our own websites at places like Geocities and others alike. I too did this and still have copies of those sites. It was great fun doing so.

Nowadays everyone and their uncle seem to have flocked to a few certain sites that take care of all the setting up for you. I don’t like that. There is no fun in it.

After investigating several options, namely Nikola and Jekyll, I went for the latter, because of its perfect integration into GitHub. This allows me to update my site - add a new post - from anywhere in the world, simply via a browser and logging into GitHub. Or more likely in my case, using emacs on Termux running on Android and then pushing the update to GitHub using git…

I prefer doing things my way, not because it’s easy, not because it’s hard, but because it’s nerdy, and that suits me perfectly. Also I do not want to be part of the facebook et al ecosystem, but have my own way of exhibiting myself on the internet. A place of my own for my musings and sarcastic posts. I do this here, and nowewere else, except to some extent on twitter.

(The older posts here are imported from Blogger and Wordpress, but new posts will appear at intervals.)