What is it with religion?

I have never understood religion, in fact, I would like to do something I rarely do, quote Bill Gates, ‘It’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!’. Why are people religious, why do they believe in something that neither they nor I can prove exists?

The world is 6000 years old, they say. Uh huh, and what about dinosaurs, what about C14-dating? Well, they say, the results are wrong. Nothing can be older than 6000 years, because that’s when the world began according to the bible. Sure, sure, dream on.

‘It’s written in the bible’, they say. So what, the stories in the bible are just that, stories. ‘But, it’s written, it is the truth’. Well, I say, ‘Does that mean that Nils Holgerson really flew on the back of goose and explored Sweden, as Selma Lagerhof wrote in the 19th century?’. No, they answer, that’s fiction. ‘But, it too is written, so it has to be true.’

It’s no use discussing anything with a religious person, they just won’t bulge. The problem is that they believe that the bible is the word of their god and therefore must be true. They believe that that pillar in their logic is true. It isn’t. They can’t prove that it is and therefore their logic fails.