As we first walked along Raahe’s shores, ice was drifting along with the currents. It was the end of May.

During the following months I watched the ice melt and trees declare summer upon their surroundings, by means of fresh green.

Birds were singing their songs of a never-ending period of light. Hares, rabbits and squirrels danced their dances of nature.

Now, as I sit on a rock along these shores I see faded colours of green, dead branches and leafless trees.

The temperature has dropped and summer clothes are confined to storage. Death seems to be the happening thing. The freshness of nature has evolved beyond its time.

People stay indoors and where I am now, I see no one, even though I am so close to civilization. The only companion is someone else’s dog, which seems to be as fond of these waters as I am.

The time of depression has come; winter is narrowing in upon us. I have seen the surroundings change, I have seen nature give birth to her, seen her live and die.

(Raahe (Finland), 04.10.1997)