Some things that could be regarded haiku, in a Jack Kerouac sort of way.

To quote Jack Kerouac: “The ‘Haiku’ was invented and developed over hundreds of years in Japan to be a complete poem in seventeen syllables and to pack in a whole vision of life in three short lines. A ‘Western Haiku’ need not concern itself with the seventeen syllables since Western languages cannot adapt themselves to the fluid syllabic Japanese. I propose that the ‘Western Haiku’ simply say a lot in three short lines in any Western language. Above all a Haiku must be very simple and free of all poetic trickery and make a little picture and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi Pastorella.”

Nature haiku

Huge Mountain,
touches blue sky.
Virgin snow covers, green land.

Little bird sings.
Gracefully she flies.
Beauty fills the air.

Empty stadium.
A bird hops.
On a bench.

Don’t look at me.
I am not a flower.

Strong sea.
Seal swims.
Sun rises.

Axe falls.
Wood splinters.
Warm fire.

Whoosh, whoosh.
Skis flow.
Over smooth snow.

May 7th.
Where am I?

I sit in a green field - Loneliness.
I feel down, depressed.
Nature gives my power back.

Bar haiku

Old man farts,
in the toilet.
While I relieve myself

Ice-hockey turns them on.
Free beers for a goal.
The bars are full.

Makes them talk.
Makes them talk not.

Music is loud,
too loud.
It irritates.

Drunk man talks a lot.
He says nothing.
Listen not.

I only had two beers.
Now I understand,
how drunk everyone is.

Sitting in another bar.
Smoking another pipe,
another cigar.

Cigar smoke.
In my face.
I enjoy.

They like the smell of pipe,
they like the smell of cigar.
But what about me?

Miscellaneous haiku

www dot bla bla dot bla.
We are being guided,
by dots.

Beatles sing,
all you need is love.
What about money.

American violence on TV.
What do I learn?
Turn the damned thing off.

Crying children,
on TV.
Why NATO, why?

Boring course.
Learn little.
Waste time.

In Finnish,
where is the bridge?
I don’t see the troubled water.

Tears flow.
They dry.

Black coffee.
With sugar.
Warm stomach.

Jack! Jack!
Inspire me!
Where are you?

Don’t know.
What old man wants.
He stands and waits.

One street.
Twenty TVs.
Boring life!

Where is peace?

Outside shell.
Not important.
Lost soul.