• Religion is man’s most dangerous creation.

  • We are all destined to die.

  • Every hardship is followed by ease.

  • Animals were god’s SECOND mistake.

  • If life is so short, then why bother at all?

  • We do not borrow the earth from our grandchildren, we destroy it for them.

  • At the end there is a bright light…….
    And who pays the electricity bill?

  • It is a crime to force life upon the unborn child.

  • Das besten im leben ist nicht geboren zu worden, nichts zu wesen, nicht zu sein.
    Das zweiten besten ist zu sterben.

  • If Adam and Eve were the first two humans, then were did the rest of us come from?

  • Exist in emptyness, be emptyness.

  • We start at nothing, we live and we end in nothing.
    Therefore life must be nothing.

  • Drinking will not solve your problems.
    It just creates interesting new ones.

  • God did not create you, your parents just had unsafe sex!

  • Religion is the mother of all wars. Thus it sucks!

  • From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen.

  • Monarchies are based on sex.

  • Life is a sexually transmitted disease!