“Man I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”
“Which restaurant do you want to go to. The fancy one or the normal one here on our left?”
“Let’s go to the normal one. I’d like a working-man’s meal.”
“Ok, but I’d rather have a Beef Stroganoff and I reckon they don’t serve that at the working-class joint.”
“Beef Stroganoff or Meat with mash, what’s the difference? You want to sit in the fancy restaurant all stiff and stuff and pay double for the same kind of food? Don’t those stiffs realise that it doesn’t matter what you call the food and how much you pay for it, it’s gonna come out the same way anyway, looking just like the same pile of shit?”
“Guess you’re right. The normal one it is then, Meat and mash. At least the booze will be cheaper as well!”
“That’s what’s it all about anyway.”