I walk through pine forest and smell pine. Left, right, behind and in front of me, pine and pine-cones on the ground. Bare-foot I carefully trod along the sandy path. The forest lets my mind roam into all directions and before I realise it, I am at a road to cross.

Crossing the road brings me into pine filled forests once again, but not for long. Soon enough my bare feet touch sand only and I am in the dunes. Left and right to the path natural materials have been used to preserve the dunes. I continue through the sand and walk up and up until I reach the top of the dune in front of me. On the top I see the most enchanting view, the azure sky, and the moon vaguely visible, the constant rolling waves of the Baltic Sea.

My feet dig themselves deeper into the sand, trying to keep a foothold, trying to keep me locked in this image, trying not to let go and stopping me from continuing. Finally they give in. At the bottom of the dune my feet touch the Baltic Sea, as they have done numerous times before on different shores. The comfortably warm water caresses my feet and its slightly salty smell fills my nostrils. I let myself be engulfed by the Baltic Sea, the Sea that I have smelled, touched and bathed in so many times before – Like coming home after weary weeks on the road.

Nida, 17.07.2006